Worldwide Beats Week 4

Get recommended a new track from somewhere in the world every week


Quinn Wright, Writer

Do you like music?  Are you looking to expand your music tastes internationally? Well that’s what this article’s for, welcome to Worldwide Beats, where we recommend songs from all over the world to help YOU diversify your playlist.

Today’s song is coming straight from France with Coup de Blues/Soleil by BigFlo & Oli.

Florian “Bigflo” Ordoñez and Olivio “Oli” Ordoñez are a pair of brothers primarily known for their style of French rap. Their debut album La Cour des grands was released in 2015 and received a gold record award in France less than four months after being released, then went platinum, making them the youngest French rappers to receive this award. Coup de Blues/Soleil is about how we all have good days and bad days but you shouldn’t let that run your mood, you are in control of your own emotions and should still try your hardest to make your days as