Laufey’s Debut Album ‘Everything I Know About Love’ Review

Laufeys Debut Album Everything I Know About Love Review

Isabella Ruiz

The 23-year-old singer Laufey recently released her first album ‘Everything I Know About Love’. She is known for her song ‘Valentine’ and her song style of jazz and classical music, along with songs about young love and meaningful stories. The album consists of 13 songs that all have a very warm but heartbroken sense to them. Her songs are written so meaningfully with passion and so much more. 

According to Laufey she says, “This album is for my old souls, fellow romantics who live through every moment of life like it’s a scene in a movie.” (Instagram post August 26, 2022). Her songs can be found to be very relatable and catchy; many young people can connect to her songs in this album. It has a feeling of puppy love but also of feelings and heartbreak.  

Laufey’s voice is portrayed so beautifully with soft vocals and soulful instruments in the background. The seventh track on the album ‘I’ve Never Been in Love Before’ is about not knowing what love feels like then experiencing the feeling of it and not knowing what is going on. Her voice is sung very majestically and the piano in the background along with other instruments goes together so wonderfully.  

This album is an album where you can sense all the emotions and feelings and relate to the lyrics. Her album has been out since the end of August and has already grown to be loved by many. Laufey’s album has even made it to Top Albums Debut USA on Spotify Charts the week of August 26-28. You can stream it on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and many other streaming platforms. ‘Everything I Know About Love’ is something you should take a listen to.