Is Ernest Righetti High School’s Dress code too Strict?

It’s obvious what you shouldn’t wear to school. Nothing too revealing and nothing offensive, those are understanding. But what can we consider to be “too revealing?” Shorts and skirts that are way too high make sense. But why not allow sandals and shirts that show your stomach/shoulders? I don’t think that’s necessary. The reason why people get dress coded is because some clothes can be too much of a “distraction.” Many women have been dress coded ever since the weather has been more hot. If you get dress coded, you have to switch your clothing to clothes Righetti offers. You can’t get your original clothes until you wear more “appropriate” attire. I agree that people should be allowed to wear sandals and shirts that show your shoulders/stomach.

Womens Sleeveless Tank Top Spaghetti Strap Vest Crop Top Camisole Streetwear | eBay

This shirt above is an example of what people can be dress coded for. I find this unreasonable because it’s important students can wear what’s comfy for them, plus this isn’t a distraction. These shirts are known to be called “Spaghetti Strap tank tops.” I hope people can have a understanding what should be allowed to wear. Ask people at Righetti if they’ve been dress coded before. Most of them are women. There’s been more articles about dress codes questioning if they’re sexist, (mostly aimed at women). “” What do you think?