Worldwide beats week 5


Quinn Wright, Writer

Do you like music?  Are you looking to expand your music tastes internationally? Well that’s what this article’s for, welcome to Worldwide Beats, where we recommend songs from all over the world to help YOU diversify your playlist.

Today’s song is coming straight from Japan with Dramaturgy by Eve.

Eve is a Japanese singer-songwriter and vocaloid producer who specializes in J-pop and rock. He is most known as the creator of Kaikai Kitan which was used as the intro for the anime Jujutsu Kaisen. Dramaturgy is a song with a truly deep message about how we are all born as “actors” in the stage performance that is daily life.  We all wear masks and play different roles depending on what scene we’re in but we do it so much, so often that we often forget who we are and what we like. But through all of that you’re still here, persevering and realizing your dreams. That’s what it takes to make it.