How 2 Graffiti (legally)

Sunny Fairbanks and Shane Davis

At some point, I think we have all seen some really cool looking graffiti on the side of a highway, but have you ever wanted to do something cool like that? Well maybe not, but hopefully after this you will! But remember, only do this on paper, otherwise its illegal!

Number 1!

Basic outlines! When beginning a piece, it is best to map out what you’re going to draw. Some people can draw without a reference but pieces always look better if you have a basic layout in mind!


Number 2!

Coloring! When starting to color a piece, start basic and color the basic outline. Once done coloring the outline, you can decide if that’s where you want to stop or if you want to go more!

Number 3!

Outlining the colored piece! If you decided to put more effort into your piece, then outlining will take it up a step! Usually, people use black or a darker color than your base so it looks like a shadow, but it’s not always!

A good example –

Toronto Graffiti
Source –

Number 4

Have fun and be creative! just practice and find your style, the more you work the better you will become!