Don’t Worry Darling

Dont Worry Darling

Don’t worry darling has been many peoples most anticipated movie of the year but its not looking too good. Don’t worry darling is currently sitting at a 43% on rotten tomatoes tomato meter and IMDb has the movie rated a 1/10. That is currently rated lower than The Last Airbender which is sitting at a 4/10. Granted the last Airbender has been out for last ten years and has more reviews but you never want to open with a lower rating than the last Airbender. In my personal opinion this news hurts a little as someone who has personally been waiting for this movie to hit the theaters. I won’t fully trust these ratings until I see the movie for myself and form my own opinions on the movie. I am still very excited about the movie and can’t wait to come to my own conclusions because you know how critics can be. I did get curious on the reviews and it seems to be Florence Pugh still did her thing even though the overall ratings weren’t the best. A critic had this to say “Florence Pugh who steals the show like a repo man at 5 a.m.” if you’re getting comments like that you know you’re doing something right. That comment has me excited to see the movie despite the bad reviews.