Boys Varsity Water Polo Team Demolished Last Weekends Tournament


Isabella Ruiz

Last weekend, September 16 and 17, Righetti’s boys’ varsity team had a tournament in which they showed just how good they are. With 4 games from Friday to Saturday they won all of them easily. With scores like 20-4 and 15-3 our team won like it was nothing. The tournament was held in Visalia and although it may have been hot the boys’ varsity team played their best and did not disappoint.  

Water polo is a competitive sport which consists of four quarters of trying to throw the ball into the opposite net to score points. This sport originally came from Scotland and England in the 19th century and since then has become quite a popular sport. The sport has been a part of the summer Olympics since 1990 for men and 2000 for women. Water polo is like other sports in a few ways, but the uniqueness of this sport is very fascinating.  

According to some of the players other teams were scared to play against our team. But in the end Righetti’s boys’ varsity team did an excellent job and played great games. “I enjoyed winning a lot.” is what player Cole Morris says after playing all four games last weekend. The water polo team will continue to be great and keep Righetti proud.