Apple VS. Android


Mikayla Zarate, Writer

Since the beginning of smartphones the ongoing argument on whether IOS (which will be referred to as Apple from this point on) or Android is a better interface has been the Mario Party of phone brand debates. It has torn apart friendships, ruined families, wrecked America!

And today we will finally give the definitive answer on which is better, Apple or Android…

Actually, no we’re not. 

Whether a person likes or dislikes Apple/Android is entirely subjective to what the person wants out of a phone, laptop, or computer. Do you like the way a phone looks? Do you want a phone with a great Battery? How about Durability? All these things are what people should consider when they look for a phone, or tablet, or laptop, and each person will value different traits differently. So, in this article, we will be comparing Apple and Android in multiple categories. It is ultimately up to you to decide which brand is better.

So apologies to Android Fans who hoped this article would finally stick it the Apple Users, and sorry to Apple Users who wanted a way to further prove why Apple is clearly the supreme brand, because this article will not help either of you.

Onto the debate!


Aesthetics And Security

Androids are described to be more computer or laptop based than Apples, which is why their settings and app designs look more computer like than an Apple. It’s security is also ran by Google, with GooglePlay, while Apples are run independently using the obvious name of AppStore. From that description most would believe that Androids are better, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Apple products are more user friendly, they have more settings, as well as a layout that is easier to understand and navigate. They also just have better graphics, since they basically perfected their already pleasing design. In addition, they have better security, with a much stricter app guideline than Google has set up. On GooglePlay, it is much easier to upload a fake app made to bleed a few poor mothers dry of money then it is on AppStore. In fact, game designers tend to stray from putting their app on GooglePlay, claiming that in their past experience a majority of complaints and scams come from Android users.


Battery and Charging

In theory, Apple should win this category without much debate, just like with ‘Aesthetics and Security.’ However, all traits associated with Apple products that seem like a pro at first, quickly become cons when you compare the two brands. 

Fresh out of the box, Apple has a better battery life compared to Android; however, unless taken care of to an extreme degree (if you want to see how to properly take care of your smartphones battery, click the link the battery begins to quickly strain. If your battery strains, then your battery also begins to degrade. While this is also true for Androids, Apple products begin to lose its originally strong battery life within months of receiving them, especially if you use your phone frequently. Androids, on the other hand, have a higher resistance to strain and degradation, with a consistent battery life from the time you buy it, to the time you purchase another.

If you really want to complain about Apple products, one major fault is their chargers and charging ports. First of all, Apple chargers aren’t worth their price. They are flimsy, easy to break at the plug, and half of the time the name brand chargers aren’t compatible with the devices ports! Apple chargers, often times, can be a waste of money. Secondly, while Android uses the universally accepted charging ports and plugs, Apples ports are unique to them and them alone. Isn’t it annoying having to bring two very different chargers wherever you go for your phone and whatever other devices you commonly bring with you that isn’t Apple? For example, Bluetooth headphones. 

So, if you’re looking for a good battery and charging experience for your phone or device, you might want to start looking at an Android product. 



Compatibility has been one of Apple’s main selling points for years. It is easy and efficient to share things across Apple products because they were made and designed to sync up and speak to one another, from their watches to tablets to phones to your TV. For a lot of people this is essential and it’s understandable why. 

Androids, meanwhile, barely talk to each other, at all. You could have an Android everything and it’s incredibly hard to make each device speak to one another.

However, even though Androids aren’t as compatible as Apple products, it is possible to share things across devices, and technically Apples only work with other Apple products. Want to share something on your iPhone to someones Android tablet? Yeah, it’s not happening… not easily that is. So it can at times be inconvenient to have an Apple.  



Phones are notorious for being fragile things, like newborn children. At some point you almost have to be unreasonably careful with them, so for those of us who are clumsy and can’t go a week without dropping our phones on the pavement, which one is better? 

Well, it is no surprise that Apple products are mostly to blame for the cliche that phones are practically like glass. There are even stories of iphones being dropped against carpet and breaking! (

Androids, on the other hand are known for being reasonably durable. They can drop on the floor and be tossed around a bit without breaking. Of course you can’t just throw it against the wall or the ground and expect it to come out okay, but that’s miles ahead of Apple products. 

So for the clumsy out there, Androids might be the phone you’re looking for.



If this article was written a few years back, then I would’ve said Android wins without much competition, since they were much cheaper for a number of years. However, nowadays the prices between Android and Apple are roughly the same price; about 1,000$. So does that mean this category is a tie? Well, no, because Android is spread across multiple phone brands, there are Androids that are inexpensive. So if you’re looking for a cheap, simple phone then Android is probably what you are looking for. Most Apple devices, you’ll find, are usually more expensive than Androids.  




To judge these two products based on popularity may seem unfair, superficial, even, but I believe Katrina Rodriguez said it best. “…Believe me, seeing that my phone is the only Android phone in my teacher’s phone holders makes me want to conform to the trend of having an iPhone because a part of me feels that this generation sees iPhones as a symbol that determines your social status in society.”

Back when Apple was facing bankruptcy, the company asked Steve Jobs, its former CEO that was kicked out years before, to come back as its CEO. At the time, phone companies, like Verison, would have customers pay for its service, and give them a phone, free of charge. When Steve Jobs came back, he decided to change the narrative; if you wanted an Apple phone, you had to pay for it, along with the phone network. When Apple phones hit the market, they were sold out within days.

From the beginning Apple products became popular from its feeling of inclusion, as if you joined a special “Cool Kidz Club.” Which is why they became popular, they made you feel special; ironic, considering that everyone has one.  

Unsurprisingly, Apples are more popular.

What do you value in a phone? Which brand is to your taste? If you are looking for another article talking about the differences between Apple and Android, here’s another!