International House of Pancakes


Kelly Leyva, Contributor

IHOP is known for it’s delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert meals that have been around since 1958. IHOP back then used to be originally called International House of pancakes the reason why they changed the name was to shorten the name, that was done back in the late 1973. Since then lots of people have enjoyed IHOP and it’s peoples go to spot for a delicious meal.

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More than 700 million pancakes per year are served in IHOP restaurants. They have so many variety of items on their menu which is always hard to to pick from. If you have never been to IHOP theirs actually one placed here inĀ  Santa Maria, 202 Nicholson Ave, CA 93454. IHOP rating is a 4/5 what would your rating be?

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