we need more rain!


Cruz Hernandez, contributor

as we all know, we are California. we need rain. plain and simple, we don’t get enough of it and we are feeling the effects of it. we are constantly having fire warnings, our lakes are drying out, our temperatures are rising. and over all the state itself is just drying out. we recently had a good amount of rain around 1-2 inches in the Santa Barbara area. but that I that we need a lot more to get out of this, we need to conserve the water we have. being in this drought is affecting alot of people. during the summer I had a pretty good eye opening. I was working in huasna valley and you don’t know it is in arroyo grande and there is a lot of dry mountains surrounding the area and its basically a one way in and out. while I was working there a pretty large fire broke out not to far from the house we were in. it was a couple miles away which is not far at all for a fire that can spread very rapidly. but it really put things into perspective, there was only one way out and one way in all the people that lived in the area had to evacuate and take what they could. I saw people panicking and driving very fast taking everything they could, such as pets, live stock, trailers, material items, anything that they could to save if there home was affected by the fire. at this time we had to evacuate to so we had followed these people with our work ¬†gear and trailer, and they pulled off into a park in town watching as the fire grew and the fire fighters were doing there job trying to put out the fire.we were looking at the people there parked with horses and stuff they could bring as they were calling there friends letting them know what’s going on, you could see the the fear and worry. luckily everyone was ok and they were able to get the fire out but it really put into perspective that there are peoples whole life and work at state, and if we don’t try to correct this problem or we don’t get enough rain or take the correct precautions.