Wearing Glasses – What it’s like

Wearing Glasses - What its like

Sunny Fairbanks

My name is Sunny and I’ve worn glasses ever since I was 6 years old, and I personally, don’t like wearing them.

Now I’ve never been bullied or teased for wearing glasses, and do I sometimes feel like they look good on me, but I dislike how I look with glasses even though I wear them all the time.

One of the biggest things I hate is how limiting they are with style, because #1, I miss being able to wear sunglasses without not being able to see! People may argue that you could get those pairs that can switch from dark in the sun to clear indoors but those wouldn’t be the same because It’s not like I would want to wear sunglasses all the time outdoors, just sometimes! One other thing would be a beanie, I mean i can’t have it on all the way without looking like a nerd, but I think that’s more of a me problem.

Number 2! We all know glasses can be pretty expensive when prescribed, so when they don’t fit right, that’s even more money down the drain! Sometimes people have oddly shaped noses, or you can’t find the right size in the style you want so you just pick the one you want and make do, but other times you go the extra mile and get them fitted! (Where you just sit down with a frame guy, and he slightly melts the plastic and makes it fit your nose.) Which can help, or maybe it won’t, because I had gotten mine fitted a while back and for some reason, they still slipped down my nose and made me look like a grandpa!

Older man with grey beard and moustache looking up (Getty Images)

Last of all, glasses can be limiting when trying to be active. (Like playing sports, working out, horse playing etc.) This is because you have to be mindful that your glasses do not slip or fall off. Most of the time, if your glasses were to fall on grass or something soft like that, you won’t have worry about it besides if someone accidentally steps on them, but if landing on something like concrete, tile flooring, or wood flooring, you might have just gained yourself a nice new little scratch.

But I’d still rather wear glasses than be blind, so until I can get contacts, I guess I’ll just have to deal with it!