Welcome To The 805 – Ft. Ice Cube


Welcome To The 805 – Ft. Ice Cube – What it was like

The Ice Cube Experience –

The Buildup to ice cube himself was actually insane, and when he finally went on, he did NOT disappoint! The entire day they keep on asking stuff like “who did y’all pay to see?” and “who’s excited to see Ice Cube in the 805?” with each act either before, during, or after telling us about their experiences back in the day with now Rap Legend Ice Cube.

The actual performance was very energetic and enjoyable, with many recognizable ice cube songs such as Westside Connection – Bow Down, Westside Connection – Gangsta Nation, and Hello by the very man himself.

The skits in beginning were very funny and flowed flawlessly into the music, with an exotic light show to match the overwhelmingly positive energy. When asked about their time one man said “Dope event! Had a great time out here tonight”