Denver Broncos vs Los Angles Chargers

Noah Kesner

One of the games featured on Monday night football was the Denver Bronco and the Los Angles Chargers. Expected to be a get off game game for the chargers and an easy win for them at home, with the Bronco’s offense not being in seance for the previous game they played, their odds were not the highest going into this game. Russell Wilson the broncos quarterback was able to lead the offense to a good start- and put-up points and get ahead. Going into the first half the broncos were able to pick up the slack and put up a few points to get up 13-10. After half time the chargers were able to regroup and put up 6 points to tie the game up going into overtime. Going into overtime each team got a drive a piece to score first team to score won the game broncos got their drive, and they were held and did not score giving the chargers a chance to score and win. The chargers were able to score a field goal and seal the game and win in overtime 19-16.