Underground Rap – Kalan.frfr – Worth the Listen?

In this Review I will go over Kalan.frfr’s most popular song, and my 2 personal favorite songs

     Overview –

An upcoming Rapper from LA that recently appeared as a small feature on the Welcome to Tha 805 Concert. His songs are made to put on in the car on a warm summer beach day or blasting in your headphones while you lay down on your bed daydreaming. It doesn’t matter where you are going or what you’re doing, it will always put you in a good mood.

     Number 1 – Never Lose You

A song about taking love for granted, messing up, and trying to make amends by acknowledging his mistakes. This song has smooth and chill lyrics that can be easily appreciated, and a godly soft, soothing melody to back it up.

     Number 2 – Light Breeze

An up-beat song, giving good vibes and will always get you bopping! Good for singing along, and dancing with your favorite person!

     Number 3 – Pull Up

A song about a girl he loves, describing how good she is to him and how he wants to spend more time with her. This song hooks you in right away with its wonderful vocalization and its classy melody.