taylor swift: music industy?



Taylor Swift was born as a normal kid on December 13, 1989,  but gained fame in 2007  by opening up for Charlie Daniels. Fearless, since then she has done, country rock pop, and hip hop. Taylor’s parents Scott Swift and Andrea are proud. However, she was homeschooled to accommodate her music career and touring schedule. In 2011 she earned over 97 million on tour. Taylor is very invested in her fans and meets many of them on tour.  In 2012 she was named woman of the year by billboard. The Red album being her first time doing pop was the most popular. Red sold 1.2 million copies during the first week. She leaped pop in 1989. The Reputation era was her unexpected comeback after her long break from music due to comments and posts about her on social media due to the Kim and Kanye scandal. in 2022 Taylor is still thriving and still setting an example for young women everywhere.