F.A.C.T Club- Fresh Air Clubs Tabacco-Free

Cruz Hernandez, contributor

Do you know how many flavors of “e-juice” there are? Would you think like 10? 20? Maybe there are even 100 different flavors? Well, you may or may not be surprised to know that there are well over 15,500 different flavors of e-juice for maybe people to try and fall into the never-ending loop of nicotine addiction. That is what F.A.C.T  (Fresh Air Clubs Tabacco-Free) is all about. They want to spread awareness about the dangers of electronic cigarettes such as vapes and other tobacco products. While making ours, as well as other Santa Maria campuses a Smoke/Vape-free campus. What is F.A.C.T’s goal you may ask?  We want to provide a place where students can advocate and learn about the harmful effects of tobacco use, including vaping on campus.  The club will offer leadership skills, training, public speaking opportunities, volunteer hours, and create Public Service announcements and Social Media Campaigns. Are you interested? Well if you are, Members will meet every Wednesday during lunch in room #834. New members are always welcome to come in at that time. But don’t just listen to me, listen to Carla Cardenas the current Vice president of the club, she says “I have been a member since my junior year and now I am vice president. It honestly has been an eye-opening experience that I believe was and is necessary for every teenager to experience” or take it from the club’s president Jennifer Cabrera, she said “With FACT Club I’ve been offered countless opportunities including being able to present our Tabacco Prevention Presentation to a group of incoming middle school students attending the Summer Reading Program with FBSMV, and attending the CYAN Youth Advocacy Conference over the summer. This club has allowed me to get experience in public speaking as well as encouraging me into becoming an active member in the community fighting for a safer place away from the dangers that Tabacco and Nicotine have presented to our communities teens.”. So once again you can come in at lunch every Wednesday in room #834 to learn about the dangers of nicotine as well as ask questions about the club.