monster high: spooky fun?

Shelby Tolan

Monster High started as a doll brand and quickly became a tv show. Both started in  2010 and took a hit from popularity issues in 2018. Monster High came back in 2020 after a big wave of popularity from the new hit movie that came out on Paramount Plus and Nickelodeon. There are many ways to watch it incuding Prime Video with a subscritption to Paramount Plus and it is also on DVD. New dolls were prodced when the new movie came out. These dolls are modeled after the original dolls and include other original TV show and movie characters. However, there has been some backlash surrounding the new movie being a musical, turning Draculaura into a sorceress, the removal and update of other characters and creating another live-action sequel. Due to the fact that Nickelodeon rebooted the franchise they have had a lot of popularity from yonger viewers who didnt see the original. The new movie has great actors, funny jokes, great music and choreography.