Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips


Savannah Vega, Writer

Are you struggling to get more bells in animal crossing? Do you not feel focused while playing and keep running around your island? Here are some easy animal crossing tips that can keep you on the right track!

Daily Wasps

Before shaking trees, carry a net at the same time. This will allow you to catch a wasp just in case one appears. If one does, spam A. Everyday you can catch up to 5 wasps. Sell all and collect honeycomb, which can give you up to 14,000 bells.


Everyday there is 6 fossils. Collect all then talk to blathers to access fossils. This will randomly set a price on each fossils worth. Sell all.

Money Tree

Dip up daily golden spot found on grass. It’ll give you 1,000 bells everyday. Bury 10,000 in the golden hole, this will create a tree. In three days it’ll fully be grown, which will give you 30,000 bells. After you collect your money, you can get rid of the tree. On special occasions, Isabelle will mention there will be shooting stars. On those days, you can bury 99,000 bells. Which in three days will give you 297,000 bells. Do not bury over 10,000 bells on normal days.

Selling Fruit

Create an area for growing fruit trees. Do not put trees close to each other, or they will not grow. Every three days, the trees will create fruit again. Selling fruit gives you lots of bells.

Lucky Rock

One random rock on your island gives you bells everyday if you hit it. Hitting with an axe is better than using a shovel. Pick up the pebble in front first before hitting, so you can get more materials or bells!

Nook Miles

Check into the ATM everyday to earn nook miles. The longer the streak, the more nook miles you earn! The max amount ends after seven days.

Special Otter

Swim and collect sea life everyday to find a scallop. An otter will appear once a day. If you give him your scallop, he will give you a mermaid DIY card or a pearl. Selling one pearl gives you 10,000 bells!

Hot Items

In front of your shop read a sign. It’ll tell you the shops daily “hot items.” All the daily hot items are craftable, craft  and sell the hot items. The price will now sell for double it’s original worth!