Cincinati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns

Noah Kesner

One of the games featured on Monday night football was the Cincinati Bengals and the Clevland Browns. Expected to an easy victory for the Bengals, highly favored to come away with the victory in this game against the Browns. With the Bengals number one threat off the field due to injury from there pervious game, there star wide receiver Ja’marr chase was not able to help their team put up touchdown and win the game. With the Browns unexpected to win this game they unexpectedly come out with an amazing start to the game putting up 11 points in the first half of play with half time rolling in, the Bengals were not able to put any points up in the first half against the Browns. After half time break, the Bengals did not come out and improve their game it was just like the first half of play for them not being able to put up any points, the Browns were able to put up another 21 points 32-0. With the Final minutes of the game coming to an end the Bengals were able to put up two touchdowns making the score 32-13 but it wasn’t enough, for them to win the game. The Cleveland Browns coming home with the 32-13.