What’s up with Ohio

Whats up with Ohio

Cha Cha Chavez

What’s up with Ohio? Ohio has become the meme state of the US with people either dunking on and making of the state or treating like the entire thing only exists in its own dystopian universe. This meme has become one of the longest running memes of all time. This meme is now a staple of social media culture. So how did this meme even start, well ,out think it all began when this image was shared during the sugar bowl in 2015 and it quickly went viral. The clothing brand “Ohio against the world” had already existed before the meme took off but. The clothing brand was just meant to show support for the Ohio state football team, but after that image took off merchandise was seen around the country with most people wearing it as a joke but it initiated the meme that Ohio would actually win if they faced off the entire rest of the world!