The Crew Cab 4wd Converstion Build P.1


Cruz Hernandez, contributor

Recently my dad and I picked up a 1973 Chevrolet crew cab pickup, it has a 454 big block, and currently, it is a 2wd, you see us as a family never liked our trucks low or 2wd. now this truck is nearly 50 years old, and it is in great condition, it runs strong, with very little rust for its age, and it is overall a very good project truck. Now some people might say,  well why don’t you just leave it alone and keep it the way it is, it would keep its value that way as well as its original look. Welp, you would be wrong, we don’t like stock, so what have we done? well so far, we’ve done our junkyard hunting and we found some donor parts to start the conversion of a 2wd to a 4wd. as well as taking apart the whole front end. we ripped the motor out and took the fenders and core support out. it’s all bare in the front, we started to take off some of the brackets from the front as well as from the donor frame. there is quite a bit of thing that goes into a 4wd conversation, it’s not just a couple of brakets, you need a whole front axel, a transfer case, new drivelines, leaf springs, and possibly even a transmission. however, they do make adapters to go into the transfer case if the tranny will work. you can do all sorts of things with the suspension, we will be lifting as well as doing crossover steering, which is when the drag link goes from being below, on top of the axel. so far we have removed the brackets and soon we are gonna be reinstalling the correct brackets, these are for the leaf springs as well as holding the core support.  as we continue to work on the truck i will keep you guys updated.