Baltimore Ravens vs New Orleans Saints

Noah Kesner

One of the games featured on Monday night football was the Baltimore Ravens and that New Orleans Saints. With the Raven favored to win going off the season so far from how the performance the teams have played there past few games, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Raven won this one. The Ravens started out strong after the game had begun their star quarterback Lamar Jackson leading his team down the field to score two touchdowns before half the saints were only able to make a single field goal in the first half of play, making the score 14-3. With the second half of play beginning, Lamar Jackson was able to lead his team using his wheel and amazing throwing ability to get done field and score two more touchdowns, the Ravens were able to get up 23-3. The saints getting their final drive in the game with the clock winding down to it final minutes of play the saints were able to put up another 10 points making the score 23-13, but it was not enough to win the game the Ravens were able to close the game out, wining 23-13.