Nikita Dragun Arrested at Miami Hotel


Cha Cha Chavez

Nikita Dragun was arrested in Miami. Police say she was walking around a hotel pool naked then proceeded to to splash security guards with water, allegedly. Ms. Dragun was arrested Monday night on a felony charge of battery against a police officer. TMZ obtained the police report and it says that cops responded to a police report of somebody causing a disturbance at the hotel. When the cops got there security told the that Nikita had been walking around the pool naked and causing a disturbance for a long period of time.


This incident happened at the good time hotel in Miami. ┬áNikita allegedly ignored the demands to stop causing a disturbance in the hotel and at one point intentionally threw water on hotel staff. Once officers arrived on the scene they say they went with security up to Nikitas room where they heard loud music being played. Nikita opened the door after several knocks but when security explained to Nikita she needed to cut it out or she’d be asked to leave the hotel Nikita slammed the door in their faces. A few moments later cops say Nikita opened the door again and asked security “do you want more?” officers say Nikita then swung an open water bottle using water to hit and spill on both of the guards and the one officer, resulting in her arrest.