Easy Ways to Keep Your Room Clean and Organized


Savannah Vega, Writer

Are you feeling overwhelmed by how messy your room is? Do you not have the energy to clean up because you’re not sure where to start? It’s important to be in an organized environment when it’s your time to do anything. Especially when you’re at home and need your own time in your room. Living in messy surroundings can affect your own mood and motivation negatively. Here are simple directions that can help guide you to a comfortable room without feeling irritated.

Collect all your dirty clothing left laying around the room and pile it in a corner. After that, get a garbage bag and collect all the trash you find. Separate dirty laundry in three piles, colors, jeans and black together, then whites. Put one pile of clothing in laundry basket at a time. Wash each pile of clothing separately. Even just taking care of your laundry and trash will make a big difference.

If you have trouble organizing more items in your room, decide what you want to keep, donate, or store away. Sometimes, you’ll want to keep something that you’ll probably never use. If this is the case, I’d recommend boxing stuff up. Make sure if you do this, you label each box so everything is organized. Common labels can be: toys, electronics, memories, arts and crafts supplies, school, hats etc.

Items I recommend saving up for better organization:

  • Dresser- Allows you to part your clothing in different non-confusing sections
  • Shoe Bench- Instead of shoes being everywhere, you can keep them in pairs undamaged
  • Vanity- Depends on which vanity, most have openings to put stuff inside
  • Laundry Hampers- You can leave your dirty clothes in separate baskets organized