Analyzing “Mean Girls” Characters’ Outfits

Kae Lajorda, Writer

Mean Girls is one of those rare films from the 2000s that has been able to stand the test of time and just as popular if not more than it was first released back in 2004. Despite seeming like a pretty stereotypical chick flick, it actually made a pretty huge impact on its audience back in the day. Mean girls is a comedic take on the dynamics of teen girls in high school and addresses the many complexities of the high school social hierarchy.


Cady’s style goes through the greatest and clearest transformation like all of the main female characters in the film, Cady is given a distinctive color palette to make her instantly recognizable even at a quick
glance at the beginning of the film she wears darker somewhat masculine colors blues, browns, reds and greens as her personality changes, and she becomes influenced by her friendship with the plastics she begins phasing out other colors and sticks to mainly reds, pinks and blues which are all colors that are often worn
by the rest of the plastics. She’s just average not trying to stand out in any way this point is made even more apparent.
Regina, whose style consists of basically every early 2000s fashion trend, such as miniskirts, off the shoulder sweaters, boot-cut jeans, and more.
Gretchen Wieners’ best look was a red “royal punk” slogan tee paired with a belted Burberry pleated miniskirt. The top was tied in the back to show off some midriff and give the outfit a bit of edge. Her outfit in the promotion is a pink long-sleeved shirt that exposes her midriff, a brown and beige checkerboard pattern miniskirt, and black ankle-strap sandal heels.
Her outfit in the promotion is a light pink long-sleeved shirt that has a blue bow printed above her right chest, a light pink miniskirt with white square patterns, and fuchsia pointy-toed heels with white straps.