why dating in high school is kind of wack


Lucy Del Pielago, writer

Im not here to hate on the couples in RHS because honestly that’s lame but personally I just don’t see any reason to date right now.

we have all had crushes or little talking stages but I just don’t see a reason to make it “serious”. I mean when you are in high school you are changing and so is the person you’re dating so its more than likely not gonna last. Also most people are just really.. icky. You’re probably;y like well the person I’m into right now is so sweet and beautiful but lets be so for real right now. lets say you and the person continue talking and maybe even date and then y’all break up. almost every single person after the break up realizes how icky the whole thing was including the person. I know the feeling of not wanting to date might change because of one person I meet in high school but I just don’t see any reason. I have people I’m talking to but I don’t see any reason to date them, like why would I. my thing with homecoming is the same bringing friends is always the way to go because when you and your date break up, your gonna look at the photos and either cry or wonder why you settled so badly. THATS THE WHOLE THING. settling for someone right now like there are so many more interesting and beautiful things and people to find in the world. Don’t get me started on the couples that are like “we’re gonna last forever” and then break up in like two weeks like its just so wack the whole concept of dating when you’re in high school. I would just rather have fun than ever have relationship problems.