Washington Commanders vs Philadelphia Eagles

Noah Kesner

One of the gams featured on Monday night football is the Washington Commanders vs Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are heavily favored to win, with an 8-0 record that is the best in the NFL, and they are also heavily favored to make the playoffs this year. The game was pretty one-sided for the Commanders the entire time, with the Eagles only scoring in the first and last quarters. With┬áthe game starting back and forth with both teams scoring touchdowns with each procession and the first quarter being even, the Commanders led by one touchdown at halftime, 21-14. The Commanders came out strong on the defensive side of the ball after halftime, only allowing the Eagles to score in the fourth quarter, the Commanders were able to get up with a 12-point lead, with the final seconds of the game winding down the Eagles were able to one touchdown back, but it wasn’t enough to win, the Commanders were able to close the game 32-21.