Why Taking Social Media Breaks Are Important


Savannah Vega, Writer

Yes, social media can be very entertaining when you have nothing else to do. But, what if you need to do something? You’re too distracted scrolling, wasting your time and who knows when you’ll stop. Sometimes, you even waste a whole day from social media. Even if you had nothing else to do, you could’ve used that time productively to learn something you can get better at. Most people who always use social media do it to gain happiness, but sometimes social media can have a negative effect.

TikTok is where people struggle the most. It’s easy to scroll to the next video whenever you’d like, which causes people to be more attached. Even though some videos can be funny, that doesn’t mean there will always be positive videos. TikTok can make people overthink, depressed or change their viewpoints/perspectives by false information.

It’s not normal to always view content about people’s trauma, sexual desires, relationship status, unrealistic life setting, personal struggles etc. You cannot process it all and you’re hurting yourself. Taking a break from social media can help you create a better connection with yourself. You’ll compare yourself to less people, and worry less. After using my social media time more wisely, I’ve been happier with myself. It’s important what you view, so please be wise and careful.