Dinos get down Glendale AZ


Cruz Hernandez, contributer

this last weekend I went down to Glendale Arizona to attend a cars called dinos get down. this consisted of hundreds of classic Chevrolet trucks. from as old as the 50’s to the 90’s. there was so many unique builds from engine swaps, to beautiful paint jobs and all original build, there was even a electric swapped square body. there was plenty of vendors there as well selling truck parts and merchandise and body panels and everything in between.this was very a interesting show, it was one of the bigger ones I have been to. it was right next the the cardinal stadium. it was a long day with thousands of people and during this I found some parts for my truck as well as my dads truck. I also found some ideas from other truck that we could implement on our own, such as 4×4 conversion and wood for step sides. they actually had something that I’ve never personally seen before, it was aluminum pieces that had wood grain on it, it looked like real wood and was obviously stronger than wood itself. this was one of my favorite truck shows I’ve been to because it was free and any it was just a good vibe all around.