what to do for lazy mornings


Lucy Del Pielago, writer

do you wake up some mornings and you just cant find the energy to get up? here are some ways to wake yourself up


  1. play pit bull or just music you can dance to
  2. teach your dog to jump you or just start barking like crazy by 7:40
  3. give yourself a moment of peace in the morning to just sit and breathe
  4. just talk to yourself in the mirror too
  5. have your siblings or parent jump on your bed. my little brothers love waking me up by throwing my trash all over the floor or taking my blankets
  6. make yourself some coffee or matcha
  7. find something to look forward to
  8. try t reduce your stress in the morning
  9. find peace in getting ready for the day
  10. put timers that are 5-10 minutes apart
  11. give your body time to adjust to waking which means you’ll probably have to be waking up earlier to give yourself time