Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts

Noah Kesner

One of the games featured on Monday night football is the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Indianapolis Colts. Given that both teams are even and have the same record, this should be a good matchup, as both squads have performed well this season. With the Steelers scoring 16 points in the first half and the Colts only scoring three, the game began strongly for the Steelers. With the NFL being a very interesting sport, the game can change tempo and score at any time during the game, as it did for the Colts, who came out of halftime down 13 points and decided to step up and score 14 points in the third quarter while holding the Steelers to 0 points. As the fourth quarter began, the Steelers were trailing the Colts by one point. With both teams fighting hard, the Steelers were able to obtain the ball, go down the field, and score, putting them ahead and winning the game, 24-17.