What You Should NOT Wear to a Date.

Kae Lajorda, Writer

Dates are something everything would definitely dress up nicely for. You would be lying if you have never been worried about what to wear on your date or if you have never felt anxious about your outfit for a date being bad. All of us try our best to look good on our dates.  But since telling everyone what to wear to a date is lowkey lame and boring, this article is to tell you what to avoid wearing on your date.

  1. EXCESSIVELY REVEALING CLOTHES. These clothes would be too provocative and would definitely make you or your date very uncomfortable. Clothes like an underwear, transparent clothes, very short bottoms and very small tops. It would be best to actually wear clothes and present yourself in a way you feel confident but also comfortable in.
  2. VERY HIGH HEELS. This would make you very uncomfortable and it definitely would stop you from having fun on your date. Trust me it might sound really sexy to wear very high heels, but it wouldn’t be worth it to wear them since your comfortability would be on the line. Unless you want a bleeding foot when you go home. Make sure you use the right type of shoes to wear because wearing high heels on a hiking date doesn’t really sound fun.
  3. LOUD MAKEUP. Sure, it sounds fun to wear tons of makeup on your date and it would SURELY leave a statement, but you would not want to be doing too much that it makes you look unrecognizable, and it would show that you’re trying very hard to look nice. It would always be better to go for a very natural look to enhance your original facial features.
  4. DRAMATIC HAIR. Never ever style your hair really big and over styled. It would always be best to style it in ways that it would make your face be more prominent. Your hair should always look nice since it kind of gives everyone an idea of how you take care of yourself.
  5. TOO MUCH ACCESSORIES. You definitely would not want to over accessorize. It would make your outfit really bad and it is best to wear jewelry that would complement your outfit very well.

There are a lot of things that you should never ever wear on your date. You should always present yourself in a way that people would see the real you through how you look. Always be natural and go to your date and dress up with what you feel confident in because that is the only thing that matters.