Cowboys vs 49ers

Noah Kesner

San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys was one of the games on Sunday night football. The 49ers are heavily favored to win in their home stadium. With the game staring out very slowing for each play great defense back and furth throughout the first quarter, the 49ers were able to acquire a field goal to get up on the Cowboys 3-0. With the Second quarter starting, playing amazing defense as in the first quarter the 49ers were able to score another touchdown to get up 9-0 with the second quarter coming to an end the cowboys were able to pick up a touchdown for themselves making the score a little closer going into half the score stands at 9-6 49ers. Similar to the first half of play, both teams started out firing on all cylinders. However, the Cowboys were able to score a field goal to tie the game at nine with just over a minute left in the third quarter nobody was able to acquire anymore points. The Cowboys were unable to score enough points to tie the game and force overtime after the 49ers’ big fourth-quarter touchdown of 10 points made the final score 19-9 for them (overtime). The 49ers were successful in winning 19-12 in their own stadium.