San Fransico 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Noah Kesner

San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles was one of the games on Sunday night football. Following victories in their previous meetings in the divisional round, both teams met in the NFC Championship. Going into this game, the Eagles had the advantage over the 49ers because they had faced many difficult challenges. However, the 49ers suffered a tragic injury in the divisional round against the Cowboys and lost their third string quarterback, Brock Purdy. The 49ers had to settle for fourth-string quarterback Josh Jonhson against the Eagles. The 49ers were struggling to get the ball down the field and score as the game progressed, whereas the Eagles had no trouble getting the ball down the field and scoring. The 49ers were struggling offensively and defensively, but the Eagles took advantage of their mistakes and problems and went down the field to score multiple times before halftime, putting them up 21-7. The 49ers were unable to change their pace in the second half, lagging both offensively and defensively, but the Eagles took off and did not slow down, scoring another 10 points to make the score 31-7. The 49ers couldn’t do anything in the final minutes of the game, putting up zeros the rest of the way. The Eagles won 31-7 against the 49ers.