What Type of Music is the Most Popular Among Students?


Micah Hall, collaborator

Is class boring you? bumming you out? are you just having a bad day? Well I know something that’ll lift your spirits real quick. just listen to some music!!! Music is a beautiful kind of art that can control emotion and has different genres for how you are feeling. If you want to feel happy, listen so something upbeat. If you are feeling sad, listen to some slow somber music. But what if you are new to listening to music and you don’t know what kind of music to listen to? Well I’m going to tell you the most popular music genres amongst students.


According to www.boysetsfire.net, some of the more popular musical genres among students are Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, and Indie.Most schools vary from campus to campus. Hip Hop and Rap received 36 percent of the vote, with Rock in a close second with 35 percent. Other genres such as Pop, Alternative, and Indie received 29 percent. I personally enjoy Rock, Rap, and Country music. Most students prefer loud music such as Rap and Rock because it associates with young people and is energetic like their listeners. Pop music is catchy and upbeat which makes it easy to dance to. Classical and slow music is easy to study to or fall asleep to. Students love to listen to a variety of music.