Why you should consider a bunny for a pet


     Bunnies are the perfect serotonin boost to ones life. Owning a pet in general is a big responsibility and not an easy thing to do for some. Maintenance and training come with patience and proper knowledge. If you ever come to think of owning a bunny or any animal on pure impulse, one word, don’t. Coming from a person who fell in love with the bunny litter they were selling on the streets of LA, I wouldn’t recommend it. Before deciding to take a responsibility of owning a pet, always plan in advance, do your research, have all necessities ready to welcome your pet home.

Bunnies are curious and high spirited animals that also need a lot of supervision. Certain objects and furniture can be dangerous and hazardous so always remember with pets comes sacrifices. Bunnies are lovely companions with big personalities. You’ll quickly form a lovely bond and get that warm feeling. Bunnies are easy to train and can also adapt to small spaces. They’re typically low maintenance and inexpensive animals. Bunnies are also perfect for people looing for a quiet pet. Bunnies make noises here and there but overall make very minimal sound. Bunnies are social animals and love the company of other bunnies.

These adorable, fluffy friends can also be great emotional support companions. They can help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Maybe next time you consider getting a pet or are looking for a lovely friend you can turn and consider a bunny!