trendy or timeless


Lucy Del Pielago, writer

we have all been influenced by social media on what to wear and buy but then we look back at them like a year later and regret it. so today I’m just going to go over people and fashion items I think are timeless or just trends.


Lily rose Depp’s style is timeless, yes its basic and simple but it works for her and never goes out of style. I don’t think this makes her an icon because its not creative but its simple and timeless.



Kendal Jenner is heavy in trends. She does sometimes make the trends and many of them are cute but not all of the are timeless. she herself as admit she is not proud of her outfits at Coachella but at the time hey were cute therefore pass in her book. Her styles is not timeless it is trendy.



Bella Hadid is trendy. I do like a lot of the clothes she wears but when you look back at some other things she had worn you realize that they were cool at the time but are now considered lame, ts makes her trendy.


lady gaga is timeless. She has always shown up to the red carpet wearing something weird but in a cool way. It’s never exactly trendy nor is it simple this makes her an icon.