The Crew Cab 4wd Conversion P.3


Cruz Hernandez, contributor

since the last part, we have made some pretty decent progress on the crew cab project. I took the motor to the CTE center and got it all cleaned up and completely degreased, since then we have started to completely tear the motor down, taking off the intake, and heads, removing the lifters and push rods, timing gear, and remove the camshaft. we still need to remove the pistons and the crankshaft. after that we are considering taking it into our local engine tech machine shop to have them clean and inspect everything to see if it needs to be resurfaced at all or if there are any cracks that need to be fixed doing this however is not cheap, just to get the parts cleaned and inspected it is going to cost 500 dollars and after that, we will get an estimate on what needs to be done to the heads and block, which that is where it can start to get pricey. i would say it can cost around 1000 dollars for the heads and maybe another 600 for the block if not more, but that all depends on what it would need. after that we can start buy some other parts we would need like push rods because some of the old ones were bent as well as new lifted because they had some decent ware to them, a new cam because the one we have is in not so food shape with some heat spots and chips, and maybe new rocker arms and valve springs. but the motor is getting in a pretty good spot right now and it is coming together, i still need to take in the transmission to the CTE center to clean it and get it ready to go back into the truck, hopefully sooner rather than later we can put the motor back into the truck as well running better than it was before. but for now that is the progress that we have made on our crew cab project.