Dress Code: What Should Count?


Micah Hall, Contributor

One major problem among students has always been dress code. A leading cause of referrals for students is being dress coded. Modern dress code is way too strict and should be dulled down. Students should have the right to express themselves. I agree that students clothes should cover their bodies and should not be offensive but what should be considered as offensive? The schools count promoting gangs, violence, nudity, drugs, alcohol, racial supremacy or hatred, and profanity to be offensive. I understand some of these to be offensive and understand why they don’t allow it but some of these things aren’t always bad. For example, alcohol. Most alcohol companies don’t just sell alcohol. Some of them promote or support other causes by putting their company name on the product, such as clothing.


Most students have some articles of clothing clothing with brands that sell alcohol on them. I have a hoodie with the Jack Daniels logo on it. The hoodie never promotes alcohol on it. Nowhere on the hoodie does it say “Tennessee Whiskey”. I personally made sure of this when I bought it so I could wear it to school. Nevertheless I was dress coded for wearing this to school. Jack Daniels is a company that sells alcohol, yes. But it also sells a variety of other products such as a line of barbecue products and coffee. Another theme I think shouldn’t be counted as offensive is violence and profanity. We students should be able to have an opinion on politics and other major topics as young adults. My friend wore a pro-military shirt and was dress coded for having a gun on his shirt. Student should be able to express their beliefs and opinions through clothing.