What’s up with the Burger King ads?


Recently. among memes, jokes, and real advertisements by Burger King, there’s been an up-spike in Burger King talk.

just yesterday in health, we were watching a serious video about drug use on youtube when there was an ad break, and guess what, it was that Burger King ad. Everyone laughed and I can say 100 percent I did not pay attention to the rest of it after that. Many people online talk about that very scenario, having a serious moment only to be interrupted by that ad. Here’s one example, “imagine your losing by 30 points in the 4th quarter and this plays (Burger King ad in the background)” I for one, can’t stand the ad because of how much it plays over various medias, but that’s my opinion. I’m gonna go blast that on a speaker on my way to 4th period, thanks for reading.