Simple Skin Care Routine and Tips


Savannah Vega, Writer

There’s multiple ways to take care of your skin, it can be difficult making choices on how to treat it. Some people have it easier than others, such as not having as much acne issues. Sometimes, even using a face mask or new acne medication can worsen your skin. It’s hard to know what can really help your skin, so here are recommendations and tips I believe will be useful.


Personally, everyday and night I wash my face with cold water and use Cetaphil Pro Oil face wash. After rinsing my skin with cold water, I apply one pump of face wash to a silicone face scrubber then start scrubbing. I rinse again making sure there’s no more face wash left on skin. After completely drying my face with a small towel, I apply a small amount of Rugby Acne Medication 5 to areas on my face that are most common for me to get acne (nose and forehead). Lastly, I put Cetaphil moisturizing Lotion all over face.

Wash Face Day and Night- Washing your face daily keeps you refreshed and clean. It’s easy for skin to get oily throughout the day, which can lead to breakouts if you don’t take care of it.

Stop Touching Face- Touching your face too much can trigger your skin. Hands and fingertips are naturally very oily, so touching your face often will cause skin to be more oily and have a higher chance of acne.

Be Cautious When Using New Face Products- You can’t trust all brands of any product so easily. Sometimes using a new product can cause itchiness and redness, even though on the label it claimed to improve your skin.

Moisturize Face- Acne breakouts can occur when your skin is too oily or dry. It’s complicated to make sure your skin is in a good state. So, moisturizing your face after washing it will prevent your skin from being oily and dry.

Don’t Wash Face With Hot Water- Hot water can remove too much of your natural oils, which leads to the skin being dry.