Senioritis: A Real Curse


Micah Hall

Are you a senior in high school? Have you been feeling like you just want to quit school? Chances are you may have senioritis. Senioritis is a supposed affliction commonly found in seniors near the end of their final year of high school. Senioritis causes a decline in students motivation close to graduation . Senioritis usually strikes in the second semester of senior year. Most teachers and adults say it is inevitable but there are some who have prevented it.


Some ways you can prevent senioritis:

Set goals to keep yourself motivated-have checkpoints you can reach to work toward a main goal

Reward yourself- teat yourself to something good after completing a checkpoint

Keep yourself organized and set a schedule to stay on- don’t start becoming messy because you are close to finishing

Change things up- make things fun, don’t stay with the same boring school work you’ve been doing all year

Take a break- sometimes school can be hard. take a break and recharge your motivation

Remember what you are working toward- don’t get sloppy, remember you are working toward finishing strong

If you ever feel like school is too hard, keep these tips and tricks in mind and remember how far you’ve come. Sty safe out there seniors.