Star Pimple Patch Rating


Savannah Vega, Writer

Star pimple patches have been popular recently. It’s no surprise seeing people around school with a star patch on their face. The patches started as stars, and moved to different designs such as pink hearts and clouds. But the real question is, do they work and how?

These patches claim to protect each pimple you place it on. That will prevent you from touching the pimple and possibly worsening it. You can leave the sticker on up to 6 hours, then lightly wash it off after with water. Adding another sticker after taking one off wouldn’t do anything harmful. But does the sticker actually help?

With my experience, I usually left the sticker on for 6 hours. The swelling of my pimple never seemed to go down at first. After replacing the sticker with a new one and leaving it on for a long time again, the whole pimple was extremely white. Right when I washed my face, the pimple popped and started bleeding. This caused my pimple to later turn into a dark small scar.

Pimple patches are good for hiding your pimples. I’d recommend using them if you have an ugly pimple and feel like hiding/replacing it with a cute star instead. But for the actual skincare, it doesn’t seem helpful. Leaving a pimple alone seems to do better than placing stickers on it.