Why children should not have full access to a device…

        California bill would hold tech companies liable for kids' social-media addiction - MarketWatchI understand at an extent why a child should have a phone. Reasons include overall communication with parents, emergencies, and school. This especially more for children who are more independent and don’t have parents or guardians around them throughout their day. My argument goes deeper than this, social media and the internet.

The internet is a dark, disgusting place that even adults cant handle. Now in these days you can see and access  anything and everything you can possibly think of with just a search. Most of what is on the internet and social media is not appropriate for children. Sometimes parents actually have no idea how much and what exactly their child truly knows and sees. Its important to keep track and protect children.

There’s age restrictions on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram to create an account. There’s no verification asked for age in any way on these apps, which make it that much easier for kids to be exposed. As long as parents are aware and keeping track that their kid is not being influenced negatively and who they’re communicating with is all that matters. Children need a device to communicate 100%, children do not need social apps that can become dangerous and put them at risk


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