How’s the volleyball season going


Robert Valdez-Lopez

Here at ERHS our boys volleyball team about to start their season.  The first game of the season is Feb Tuesday 28 against Nipomo high school at Nipomo high. The game is at 6pm and only 6 because righetti doesn’t have A JV or Freshmen due to lack of coaches. The righetti team has 2 freshman 3 sophomores 1 senior and the rest of the 9 are juniors. The senior is the only one with more then 2 years experience with volleyball and the rest is either their first or second year playing volleyball and a lot of last year players did not return so they are playing with basically a new team again this year.

As A player of that team I can say confidently we have potential to have an amazing team and have a great season but we need to put in work as individuals and as a team. We have 2 new libero’s and a couple new hitters and middles and they all have amazing chances of being great. Our new middle Nate Armstrong a sophomore with a high bounce and can hang for what it feels like forever and he’s blocking ability is incredible and it’s his first year. We have another middle that is also awesome at blocking named Noah he’s a junior and it’s his first year. Our new lib is fast and vocal and can take a hard ball, His name is Eroz but people can say it so they call him rice. He’s a freshman an wanted to play setter but has since been switched to libero. I am a 4 or left  side and I hit the hardest on our team and the captain I have a lot to learn still but I take a lot of pride in this sport and put my 100 on the court at all times.