rating teachers I have had over the years.

Im not going to bash on any teachers because I know I have not been a saint of a student so yeah.


I’m going to as far as I can remember so i’ll start at pre k

I don’t remember all the teachers or helped but I think one was named Nataly  but she was cool we made key holders, air dyed shirts, painted, and nap time was fun

Kindergarten I had a teacher named rose or rosily I don’t exactly remember but she was cool. We made cookies and her reading area was really pretty

1st grade I don’t remember her name at all, I honestly remember nothing besides her saying “going once going twice going chicken noodle soup and rice”

2nd grade. I think it was like Marshall or marshado. She was definitely out to get me. I remember so many tears I had because of that class but my mom said she actually really liked me because she would hold all the jacket I would forget at school and fold them for me so I have nothing against her but that class did make me cry a lot.

3rd grade. mrs. Draga. She was cool. That was the grade I learned that I hate math with a passion along with cursive. We grew a little bean though and we had yoga day so that was cool.

4th grade. Mrs. Volz.  She used to teach my older sister at a different school so that was funny. Nothing special from this grade I don’t remember crying or hating her so its fine.

5th grade. Mr. Santana had to be one of my favorite teachers. Everything was great. I loved math, science, history and English again. We had a day we would go to the garden, art and PE, and on Friday we would play kickball.

6th grade was straight up hell so I just won’t mention any of them.

7th grade has the same story as 6th

8th grade was also wack but my homeroom teacher was named Kurt or Kurth I don’t remember but he was just always being real with us so I respect that. I still want my science teacher to be fired though.

9th grade was okay my math teacher, Mr. Watts, was cool, I think he realized no one wanted to be there so he was chill na tried really hard to wake people up but everyone was pretty fried. Mrs. Debernardi was also a great teacher, I really appreciate her teaching style and her class. Mr. Herrman was also a good teacher to have, He really does try to help his students and I appreciate that.

10th grade is still not really over but Mr. G is a great teacher and I think we should have more teachers like him.