Ways Your Hair Can Be Damaged


Savannah Vega, Writer

Taking care of your hair can be extremely complicated. Even after researching ways how to take care of your hair, it gets confusing which routine you should follow. This is because not everyone has the same hair type. But something everyone should know is to avoid what can harm your hair. Here are ways your hair can be damaged that you should be aware of:

Constantly Using Heat Devices- Using a straightener, curler, hairdryer etc. too often burns your hair. This causes your hair to be dry regularly and have split ends.

Washing Hair too Often- Putting shampoo in your hair everyday removes natural oils and dries your scalp. This leads to having dandruff, which can bring irritation and small white flakes.

Leaving Hair Product in for too Long- Make sure to wash out any hair product after a day or two. Leaving product in for too long can clog pores. Clogging pores can result in acne and affect the skin.

Sleeping With Wet Hair- Wet hair can cause irritation to the skin, resulting in dandruff and itchiness.

Scratching Your Scalp- Scratching your scalp too roughly can remove skin. This can create hair loss overtime if you’re not careful. It’s better to scratch your head with a brush instead of nails so you can avoid cutting your scalp.

Avoiding these problems will create a good improvement. Your natural oils are important. It’s recommended to wash your hair every three days so you can avoid having a dry scalp.