The Story behind the movie Cocaine Bear


Micah Hall, contributor

The new movie”Cocaine Bear”, directed by Elizabeth Banks, has become a hit among audiences from ages 15 and up. The movie was released on February 24th of this year. In the film, a 500 pound black bear consumes a significant amount cocaine to fuel a drug induced rage. This takes place in the Forrests of Georgia. The bear harasses an eccentric group of cops, teenagers, and criminals throughout the film. ┬áCocaine Bear has received a 6.5 on IMDb and a 70% on rotten tomatoes. This movie has been the talk of the month among my peers, but did you know that this movie is based on a true story?

The real story took place nearly 40 years ago when a 175 pound black bear found and ingested cocaine in a forrest in Georgia. The movie entails a bloody murder spree instigated by the bear and many people die. The real story is a lot less bloody. The real life incident only includes one death: the bear. He died of an overdose after discovering a batch of the drug. The cocaine was dropped by a drug smuggler from a plane. The bear was found on a Friday dead next to 40 opened plastic containers filled with cocaine.