Recommended Studio Ghibli Bento Boxes on Amazon


Savannah Vega, Writer

Are you tired of eating the school food and want to start bringing your own food, but you don’t want to bring a huge lunch box? No worries! These small bento boxes are cute and don’t take up too much space in your backpack. You can purchase these on amazon for around $11-$12 dollars. Shipping creates the total to be around $17. You can purchase these small bento boxes at the Santa Maria mall, but they price it to be $22 and it will be more including taxes.

Look up Totoro Bento Box on amazon and you’ll find the ones I’m recommending. You can choose from Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, or Spirited Away. There’s two containers that connect to each other, so it’s easy to separate different meals/snacks you would like to bring. Not only that, but it include a miniature reusable fork that’s easy to put back. I ordered a Totoro bento box and was so excited to use it. So far, I was thinking about putting rice in it with meat and vegetables. Online there’s lot’s of inspiration for what you can put in your bento box.