Artists that you should listen to


Na'Shyla p. Sahagun

These are the artist’s that I listen to every single day, I have many other artists that I listen to but these are the artist that I know the most.

The weekend- Facts: Not a lot of people know his name, his birth name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye.

After Hours by The Weeknd on Apple Music

My top 5 songs: The weekend’s

1. Party monster

2. Or nah

3. Die for you

4. star boy

5. creepin’


Lana del Rey-  facts: her style of music is indie rock.

Lana Del Rey Online (@LanaDReyOnline) / Twitter

My top 5 songs: Lana de Rey’s

1.  ride

2. Blue jeans

3. summertime sadness

4. dark paradise

5. National Anthem


Kali Uchis- Facts: Her stage name is kali Uchis which her father gave to her when she was young, her birth name is   Karly-Marina Loaiza.


My top 5 songs: Kali uchis’s

1. Melting

2. Dead to me

3. Telepatia

4. Moonlight

5. See you Again


childish Gambino- Facts: many people that listen to his music, say that the music is out of body “experience”.

Childish Gambino | Spotify

My top 5 songs: Childish Gambino’s

1. Les

2. me and your mama

3. redone

5. heartbeat

6. do ya like x Resonance


Doja cat-Facts: doja went viral on tik tok from the song moo

Doja Cat - RCA RecordsMy top 5 songs: Doja cat’s

1. streets

2. wine Pon you

3. say so

4. candy

5. get into it


Mariah Carey-Facts: well everyone knows that one of her songs goes viral every year during Christmas (she makes 60 million every year during Christmas the song that goes viral is (All I wanted for Christmas was for, you).

Mariah Careys Lookbook Throwback 90s Fashion Photos My top 5 songs: Mariah Carey’s

1. obsessed

2. It’s a wrap

3. Fantasy

4. We belong together

5. All I wanted for Christmas was for you










Kendrick Lamar-Facts: Kendrick Lamar went by K-Dot from 2003 to 2009.

Check Out Kendrick Lamar's Album for Black Panther | Your EDM

My top 5 songs: Kendrick Lamar’s

1. Money trees

2. Swimming pools

3.  Humble

4. B****, Don’t kill my vibe

5. All The stars


Micheal Jackson-Facts: Micheal has 3 children 2 boys and 1 girl.

Glittered Michael Jackson Thriller Album


My top 5 songs: Micheal Jackson’s

1. Thriller

2. beat it

3. Chicago

4. bad

5. smooth criminal




Rihanna- Facts: The name Rihanna has been pronounced wrong for many years and his full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Pin by falissa wyatt on About Girl's Stuff | Rihanna makeup, Rihanna makeup line, Rihanna

My top 5 songs: Rihanna’s

1. Diamonds

2. pour it up

3. umbrella

4. B**** better have my money

5. where have you been





Beyonce-Facts: In 2020, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter became the only solo artist besides Mariah Carey to have hit No. 1 in four different decades.

Beyonce Knowles Wallpapers Images Photos Pictures Backgrounds

My top 5 songs: Beyonce’s

1. Crazy in love

2. America has a problem

3. run the world (girls)

4. telephone (lady gaga, Beyonce)

5. Irreplaceable